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A Liberal Education
by Abbott Gleason

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“Amazon Customer Review - This is a wonderful and engagingly written book. In it, Abbott (Tom) Gleason describes the evolution of his liberal, albeit privileged, education with honesty, grace, and humor, and the experiences and choices that turned him from a career in art (and jazz) to an historian of Russia. His unique perspective on the personalities and political positions of his relatives, friends, and colleagues -- some of whom have become well known -- is illuminating. But the book is more than a memoir; although it continues to the present, and into his retirement, the heart of it is the turbulent sixties and seventies and how the events of the time -- the civil rights movement, the Vietnam War, and the demands from women for gender equality in education, work, and in the home -- have profoundly affected us all. Gleason's book is a must read for those who, like me, came of age during that time. But like all good memoirs, it provides a template from which to think about the course of one's own life. Highly recommended. ”


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A Liberal Education

ISBN 978-0-9755557-4-3 26.95
2010 • 432 pages

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