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Making Hay: Tales from Oakholm, a farm in Massachusetts
by John Jeppson

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“Wonderful book about small-town life. I currently live in Brookfield and appreciate the many details of my town. I wanted to correct an error in a movie reference. On page 132, the Irving Berlin song "Sisters" is said to be from the movie Holiday Inn. In fact "Sisters" is from the 1954 movie White Christmas. But overall a wonderful book. ”

—Donna Sullivan

“Amazon Customer Review - If you have a taste for wistful memoirs from noble, gentle souls, you will be pleased and rewarded by this book. I would suggest too that it is best for those of us that have lived for a time in Worcester or one of the other small or medium mill towns of New England. Mr. Jeppson does not really come right out and say it, but in his day he and his father and grandfather were to Worcester what Henry Ford was to Detroit of JP Morgan to New York. But he follows a memoir tradition that reminds me of Dave Packard (Hewlett-Packard) and others who muse of those personal moments that have stayed with them into their eighth or ninth decade. The effort may be simple, but reflects great craftsmanship and a still-sharp mind. God speed John. ”

—Jonathan M. Rourke
Hyannis, MA

“I thoroughly enjoyed 'Making Hay', and thank Mr. Jeppson for so generously sharing the tales of his life, and those of his family's growth and experiences at Oakholm farm. Just imagine my surprise when I arrived at pages 118 and 119 to discover that, Mariann Foskett, one of my probable forebears, was an instrument in the cementing of the love between John and Marianne. In fact, I have a sister named Marian Foskett and a cousin named Marianne Foskett. A truly entertaining read. ”

—Brenda Foskett
Montreal Quebec Canada

“I spent my teenage years in Brookfield Mass. Fishing on Quabog was wonderful and the view of Oakholm from the water was beautiful. I live in northern Maine now and Making Hay brought me back to a gentler time. I loved it. Rice corner rd is not the same. T Desmond, Houlton, Maine ”

—Tim Desmond
Former Brookfield Resident

“Great book Mr Jeppson. I couldn't put it down. Thanks from your neighbor ”

—Barbara Dellomo

“A true pleasure to read. It brought back great memories of days on the lakes of Brookfield, and walking to Oakholm. Thank you, Mr. Jeppson. ”

—Steve Barnicle
spent my youth on South Pond (Lake Quacumquaset), now in Fayetteville, NC

“As a city boy and former colleague of John Jeppson, it was fascinating to read about his second career as a hard working farmer. This most readable book was easy to absorb in three sessions. And I learned so much about horses, cows and sheep, not to mention eagles, christmas trees and plain, old human beings.Try it, you'll like it! ”

—Don Melville

“I loved getting a sense a man who cared enough about the land and all of momma nature to devote his weekends to farming adventures. It produced a surge of desire in me to go out and buy myself a piece of land to care for, and stay there for the rest of my days! ”

Somerville, MA

“An engaging read. The narrative brings one to a time and place intimate, familiar and personal. ”

—Neal Rosenblum
Worcester, MA

“I really enjoyed Making Hay, Mr. Jeppson had me laughing out loud at times. ”

—Dany Pelletier
Maynard, MA

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Making Hay

ISBN 978-0-9755557-1-2 28.00
2008 • 224 pages

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