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To The Stars Over Rough Roads: The Life of Andrew Atchison, Teacher and Missionary
by Donald F. Nelson

A research physicist at Bell Labs for twenty-eight years, Don Nelson has had a distinguished scientific career that has included basic research, teaching at Michigan, Southern Cal, Princeton, and Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and the publication of Electric, Optic, and Acoustic Interactions in Dielectrics. A PhD in physics from the University of Michigan, he switched gears when he retired in 2000 and began to focus primarily on history and genealogy. Exploring over a thousand family letters and extensive archival material, Don has recreated the fascinating 19th century life of his grandfather, Andrew Atchison, the subject of this book. A member of the American Antiquarian Society, Don lives in Worcester, Massachusetts and Martha's Vineyard with Margaret (Fuerstenau) Nelson, his wife of fifty-three years. They have two daughters and five grandsons.

Donald F. Nelson